Early stimulation of our babies is an essential activity for their growth. This practice makes it easier for our children to receive information about their surroundings that help them to assimilate experiences and discover the characteristics of objects and this is also done by the bouncy castle hire east london.



That is why since the small are born is important to perform these simple activities that improve their cognitive development.


So we are going to teach you sensory activity very easy to do for small babies, just before they have the ability to pick up objects and bring them to their mouths during the first few months of life.


Thick base board or board

Silk paper (one or more sheets)

Scotch tape

Step by Step

  1. Wrinkle a large sheet of tissue paper a little.


  1. Use tape to stick some ends of paper to the board. (The idea is that it remains with a lot of relief but that the tape allows it to be held)
  2. Place your baby in an armchair or on the bed and lay the wooden board that you prepared so that it stands and close to your baby’s feet (as in the picture below)


The idea is for your baby to use her feet to feel the texture of tissue paper. Since this is a very soft role, it will be a delicate stimulation that will please you.

Chances are that at some point in the stimulation, the tissue paper will peel off or break. Do not worry if this happens, since you can now place your baby face down and allow him to play with the paper and his hands.

Practical tips

Be sure to supervise your baby at all times, do not forget that any object can represent a danger to them.

Keep the paper in the mouth.

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