How to Find Direct Payday Lenders

How to Find Direct Payday Lenders

Are you looking to borrow a payday loan? You will go to an intermediary or a broker to get you the payday loan. That means you will pay to him to besides the finance payment to the money lender. I will suggest you find out direct payday lenders and compare their services and charges to get a rough idea of the interest rate you need to pay. In this way, you can save the amount you were going to pay an intermediary. Here is the list of top money lenders. You can check the list to make a right choice.


The payday loans are available from £100 and go up to £950. You can select a payday loan according to your finance requirements. The limit of the repayment is up to six months. You can return the full amount within six months. If you are unable to repay the payday loan within 28 days, you have to pay £100 after 28 days. The representative APR percentage is 573%. You can borrow any amount within the given limit. The repayment will be deducted automatically from your account by cheque your offer to the company.

How to Find Direct Payday Lenders


You can apply for a payday loan that starts from £50 and goes up to £1000. The repayment duration starts from 27 days and goes up to three months. If you repay the borrowed money within 27 days, it is good. Otherwise, you have to pay £100 for a late repayment. The percentage of representative approval is 1,294.1%. Try to make an early repayment. It will earn you good credit history and the company will charge you a minimum interest rate.


It offers you two types of small loan plans for its customers. If you want to get up to £900, you have to repay it within three months. If you select a plan to get up to £1800, you have to return the full amount within six months. It also offers a large loan plan too. Just fill up the form given on its official website and provide with the necessary details. Just select the repayment schedule according to your convenience. If you return the borrowed money within 28 days, the company will charge you the interest only for the days you keep the money with you. If you are unable to pay within 28 days, you will be charged £100.

So guys! These are the private money lenders that will help you to get an instant loan within a few minutes into your account. You do not need to go to any broker to get instant loans. These money lenders will provide you with the required money directly, and you do not need to give money to the dealers.

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